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Our body has traditionally being looked at by many different medical disciplines. At our center we combine orthopedics, traumatology, rehabilitation, cardiovascular, angiology, sport medicine and physiotherapy.ORP center prides itself on specialists, who do not only treat their clients but also enjoy different variety of sport activities themselves. We treat each client as unique. By using a modern diagnostic tools and technologies, we are helping our clients to return to their daily activities, hobbies, sports and enjoy their life to the fullest!

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We treat...

We treat...

  • Injuries post trauma, surgery or sport
  • Movement on pain
  • Poor body posture, gait disorders
  • Leg pain and tired legs
  • Running techniques
  • Couses of poor performance or limitation in sport activities

"Pain is a complex individual experience wich can not be seen in one context only"

MUDr. František Picek
MUDr. František Picek

Chief physician and co-owner

We help...

We help...

  • To diagnose to problem 
  • To develop an individual treatment plan for athletes, young athletes and kids
  • To advice the weight reduction
  • To help to improve physical condition
  • To cooperate with sport clubs and organisations
  • Individual massage and body workout
  • Corporate programs

"The help to our clients lies not only in correct diagnosis or cooperation of all our specialists, but also in the development of correct treatment plan and training."

MUDr. Marcela Hašpicová
MUDr. Marcela Hašpicová

Rehabilitation physician, FBLR specialist, internal medicine

We advice...

We advice...

  • Health blogs
  • Weight reduction
  • Videos
  • Body Workout
  • Questions

"It is important to exercise and move properly every day, not only during the therapies with us. Thanks to our videos and our articles, we will be always in touch ..."

Bc. Sabina Merklová
Bc. Sabina Merklová



ORP actual


Many young athletes, as well as young children, complain of leg pain. Children grow up and do not have enough Elongated Achilles tendons. Pain can be prevented by consistent stretching. How to do it? Watch video exercises from our gym.

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Our clients

Jan Pirk

"Thanks to MUDr. František Pick for his perfect care of my legs." 

MUDr. Jan Pirk Cardiologist
Radka Churaňová

“Formthotics insoles are great. I have itmany years and I am really happy with them. I was especially interested in their longevity. With my portion of miles I run a month, they are definitely needed ”

Radka Churaňová Successful Czech marathoner