Diagnostic and treatment plans

Diagnostics is suitable not only for recreational and top athletes, but also for those who start active movement or return to it after a long time. It is not limited by age or gender. We obtain input information from all types of diagnoses, thanks to which we are able to assess your limits, what your movement stereotypes are, where you are limited by pain or problems from a previous injury. We assess your posture as well as stand, walking and running. We analyse the correct function of your heart and lungs. We measure resting metabolism. Based on these results, we recommend another procedure - individual training with physiotherapists, tailored individually to everyone.

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  • Comprehensive examination by a doctor
  • Complex diagnostics of movement (kinesiological analysis of an athlete, stability analysis, Mover)
  • Basic examination by a cardiologist, including echocardiography, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring (Holter)
  • Stand and gait analysis
  • Walking and run analysis
  • Exercise testing (ergometry, spiroergometry)
  • Diagnosis with a nutritional therapist


‘Sports diagnostics is the cornerstone of creating a training plan. It gives both the athlete and the coach important information about the condition of the body, but also about the suitability of the training you have chosen.’

Mgr. Zuzana Hašpicová
Mgr. Zuzana Hašpicová


Contact us if you want to know more info

Contact us if you want to know more info
Contact us if you want to know more info
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