The program for athletes is intended for everyone who likes movement in any of its forms - whether it is all-inclusive sports activities, including competitions and races, or just movement for fun or relaxation. We will help you set the right limits so that you can continue to enjoy the sports and you can do it without pain and without risk. We will perform a detailed analysis of the response of the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels) to exercise, assess your physical condition and evaluate your movement habits in our sports laboratory.  We will advise you on how to eat properly so that you still have enough energy, and if necessary, we will recommend further activities or adjustments to the regime so that you can further improve your condition or return to your favourite activities.

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  • For former athletes who want to return to sports after a long break
  • For active athletes who are limited in their favourite activity by pain or reduced performance for health reasons
  • For active athletes who would like to push their limits without taking any risks
  • For those who like exercise, have never been active in sports, but want to stay fit 
  • For those who know they ‘should’ but do not know where to start


  • Comprehensive examination by a doctor
  • Exercise and functional tests (ergometry, spiroergometry)
  • Complex diagnostics of movement (kinesiological analysis of an athlete, stability analysis, Mover)
  • Comprehensive examination by a physiotherapist
  • Video analysis of walking and running
  • Nutritional therapist (evaluation of lifestyle, diagnostics, diet adjustments, sports nutrition)

Contact us if you want to know more info

Contact us if you want to know more info
Contact us if you want to know more info
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