Our Story

Our body has traditionally being looked at by many different medical disciplines. At our center we combine orthopedics, traumatology, rehabilitation, cardiovascular, angiology, sport medicine and physiotherapy.ORP center prides itself on specialists, who do not only treat their clients but also enjoy different variety of sport activities themselves. We treat each client as unique. By using a modern diagnostic tools and technologies, we are helping our clients to return to their daily activities, hobbies, sports and enjoy their life to the fullest!

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Our story

Our story

Who we are

ORP Center is a medical center established by Picek family. Dr. Frantisek Picek senior and his wife Dr. Gabriela Pickova, chief rehabilitation consultant were among the first rehabilitation consultants in Czech Republic. Dr. Frantisek Picek junior joined his parents in their clinical practice and enhanced the center by bringing in another discipline - the orthopedic surgery.

Now, after decades the ORP Center is one of the most in demand clinics consisting of other specialties - cardiology, angiology, vascular surgery and sport medicine.