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We train young athletes not only in our premises, but we are also able to provide a physiotherapist for regular training in your sports club. Our compensatory exercises are based primarily on the FIFA 11+ Program, which was created for football players. The individual exercise modules have been developed by the ORP Centrum’s sports physiotherapists in such a way that we can offer compensatory exercises not only to young football players, but also to volleyball, hockey, rugby, tennis or golf players

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PLACE: your sports club 

TIME: according to the agreement and needs of your sports club


We train young athletes not only for better performance in their sport, but especially to learn as soon as possible to perceive the basic principles of functioning of their body, to prevent future injuries and pain. We add to their movement what is forgotten during most trainings. The courses are led by a sports physiotherapist, in our own gym in the ORP Centrum with the participation of four children maximum. Training is once a week for 90 minutes.

The results of the FIFA study show that the risk of injury during training decreases by up to 37% and by 29% during matches with regular exercise (twice a week). The risk of serious injuries decreases by 50% overall! Studies of football injuries show that 75% of injuries are caused by insufficient functioning and strengthening of one’s body, not by contact with another player.

Contact us if you want to know more info

Contact us if you want to know more info
Contact us if you want to know more info
Bc. Karolína Pešková Case Manager