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We can hele with pain in your feet, we will discover the reason for your pain

Digital pedography/tensometry measures the foot pressure. It is useful tool to analyze feet of patient who suffers from pain in the soles or joints or due to trauma, post-surgery of lower legs.

With help of tensometric plate (RS Scan), we analyze how your feet react to static and dynamic pressure measurement data of foot function, gait analysis as well as balance, sway and postural data. The treatment is pain free and lasts approximately 15 minutes. Our physiotherapist will study your posture and gait on the pressure sensing black plate connected to a computerized diagnostic program. An experienced physiotherapist will notice any bad movement habits immediately but with this program you will be able to see all the movements of your feet in color on the computer screen. In most cases, after examination, we recommend our patients to wear Formthotics insoles.

What can we discover using this treatment?

  • State of the lateral and transverse arches of your foot
  • Any asymmetrical force on both feet
  • Stress/force under each foot
  • Plantar pressures distribution pattern

We will make/adjust your individual dynamic Formthotic insoles for your shoes or plan any and if necessary surgical procedures, according to the results of our testing.