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The camera will discover incorrect walking and running styles

Welcome to our new laboratory, designed to analyze walking and running styles. And not only for sportspeople. It is estimated that 90% of the population walk and run incorrectly. In our laboratory, we will film how you walk and run on the treadmill and the computer will analyze your movements. Your physiotherapist will explain to you all the problems with your movement, problems that can cause your leg, knee or back pain.

What happens during the study?
You will need approximately one hour for this study, and because you will be running, please bring your sneakers and shorts with you. You will only be running at your own speed and the camera will be shooting from behind you. After, the analysis we may recommend Formthotics insoles, and together with our expert advice, we will have you walking and running properly in no time.



What can the treatment do:

  • It points out the problems with your movement and stereotypes
  • It discovers the reason for the pain in your body (ankles, knees, back)
  • We will discover and treat any newly discovered disorders and issues with muscular imbalance

What happens after analysis:
After you finish your time on the treadmill, we will show you a graphic analysis of your movements and our physiotherapist will then offer you her advice how to improve your walking and running movement, which exercises you should use, what sport shoes will be appropriate for you. We will want to see you for another analysis in six months’ time to see all the improvement.

Mgr. Vitek Palacky will be your physiotherapist to perform this analysis.

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