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Treatment methods

Do you know that 90% of people do not stand or walk correctly?

Reasons why: Bad movement habit, wrong footwear, being overweight, wrong choice of sport, family history, all these are factors that cause our legs to hurt, to bend, or give up altogether. On the picture you can see, how little can cause us all these problems: wrong position of the feet affects the position of the ankle, then the rotation of the knee, and then comes the pain in our hips. And all this can be caused simply by wearing the wrong footwear.
  Most of the shoes are made the same with the so-called orthopedic insoles we can buy in-store. All are made for the average foot. But all feet are individual, as is every person.
  This is why the group of New Zealand sport orthopedic experts designed special insoles called Formthotics. These soles are modeled on your feet, and we can fit them in your shoes within a few minutes. So please bring with you at least two pairs of shoes, we will heat them up, insert the insoles and you can walk away wearing Formthotics!

Advantages of Formthotics ·       Insoles are made from ultralight 2 layer foam which are antibacterial, antifungal ·       They are heat moldable to your foot to provide enhanced fitting and comfort ·       They help reduce shock absorption for walking on hard city surfaces ·       They provide better support and control for your feet ·       They help to increase blood flow to your feet and legs ·       They provide the arch support to ensure your foot is in the neutral position ·       They minimize pressure points on your feet ·       They create an extra support and control around your heels ·       They are base and balance for your whole body