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Treatment methods

Are your joints hurting? Are you are sportsperson and are you post – injury? Are you post – operation and need to speed up your recovery? How ACP can help you and questions you may wish to ask
  Q: How does the ACP treatment work? A: ACP is a very simple, short and pain free process. During your approximately 15 minute visit with the orthopedic specialist, she will take about 9 mls of venous blood into syringe. Your blood will then be processed in special equipment, which will separate plasma. This process enables us to collect a sample containing plasma rich in blood cells and concentrated growth factors. This will be the plasma which our specialist will inject into the required spot. 

Q: How can I know that ACP treatment is the treatment I should consider? A: This is not something you can realize without specialized help. You will need a specialist consultation. The ACP treatment is suitable particularly for typical sports injuries, such as tennis elbow, Achilles tendon pain, jumper’s knee, heel pain. We can use the ACP to treat fresh or already operated damaged rotary cuff of shoulder joints, after replacement of crossed over knee tendons, difficult ankle sprain or other tendon injuries.

Q: How many plasma treatments do I need to receive? A: The most common treatment would be to give you two treatments in a week’s interval.

Q: My doctor told me that I have the fourth grade arthritis and that I should try ACP treatment. Can it help me? A: In this case would not recommend the ACP treatment. The ACP is ideal for helping your rehabilitation and greatly speed up your recovery after acute or chronic pain, is some cases by 50%. The ACP will sharply improve the chance of big joints cartilage, however the advanced stages of arthritis which would necessitate a joint replacement are not suitable to be treated by the ACP.
Q: I have been suffering from tennis elbow for over two years. Will ACP treatment help me and for how long? A: The enthesopathic injuries/arthritis, e.g. tennis elbow, golf elbow, painful groin, etc… are suitable to treat by anti-inflammatory and growth factors in ACP method. The biological treatment such as the ACP, can be effectively combined with other physical methods to treat tendon injuries, most effectively in combination with treatment by the extracorporeal shockwave therapy. Our experience shows that we can return you to the full activity after six months of treatment.

Q: Is there a statistical data showing the success and failure rates in patients treated by the ACP method? A: In 2010, the ORP Centrum was the first in Czech Republic to start using plasma to treat these kind of injuries. Our statistics show that our patients return to much – improved, quality movement 50% faster due to the treatment by the ACP method. Our patients can return to the full sporting activity 30% faster. Patients with arthritic pain in their knees can speed up their recovery by 34%, in comparison with the treatment by injections of hyaluron, where the return is only a 10% improvement. In cases of injuries or post – operative pain i.e. shoulder or Achilles tendon, the recovery is 30 - 50% faster.
Q: Can I interrupt the treatment for any reason? A: Yes we can interrupt or postpone the treatment without negative effect. We can complete the second half of your treatment two or three weeks after the first treatment.

The ACP Method is suitable for the treatment of: ·       Degenerative disease of big joints in early or mid-stages ·       Tennis elbow ·       Achilles tendon pain ·       Jumper’s knee ·       Heel pain ·       Shoulder joint injury ·       Sprained ankle ·       Fresh muscle injuries ·       Other post – operative complications