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Well prepared plan targeting individual needs accounts to high percentage of successful recovery. Our plans are developed post consultation at time of examination with either rehabilitation or orthopedic specialist. These optimal plans are then followed by the intensive rehabilitation with physiotherapist together with physical therapy. All of these procedures are scheduled for our clients in the way so they achieve the maximum effectiveness. These are also scheduled to help to accommodate client’s needs i.e. early/later in the day, depending on client’s time off work/school…  
Types of rehabilitation plans/programs are depending on a complexity of the issue of the individual, for example post-surgical recovery, chronic or acute back pain or post traumatic injury/pain.
What are the benefits of these plans? 
Plans/programs are developed by rehabilitation and orthopedic specialists ·     Client is well informed about the expectation of therapy/treatment and possible time of recovery     
Client is well informed about the expectation of recovery and return to his/her activities of daily living i.e. work, sport   
 The appointments of treatment/procedure are planned well ahead in order to achieve the optimal outcomes   
Above all, we certainly hope that our clients will be fully satisfied with these plans