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What rehabilitations v ORP CENTRUM offers :

At our center we pride ourselves on providing high quality care to our clients in safe, modern and friendly environment. We are treating and managing the acute and chronic pain of musculoskeletal system. We are aware that well managed planned rehabilitation program is the key to successful treatment of your condition. Well planned program and treatment accounts for high percentage of your successful recovery. This is why our clients are cared for by team of rehabilitation and orthopedic specialists. Their aim is to provide our clients with development of complex plan of optimal rehabilitation treatments.

Our clients will receive:

  • Consultation with one of the rehabilitations specialist 
  • Regular reviews of the orthopedic specialist
  • Program of optimal care tailored to individual needs
  • Long term individual plan for post-surgical recovery
  • Modern, well equipped treatment and consultation rooms
  • Well-equipped rooms for physiotherapy, physicaůl therapy i.e. magneto therapy, traction, hydrotherapy or electrotherapy

The rehabilitation surgery is located:

  • ORP CENTRUM Pod Juliskou, Praha 6

What needs to be done and what can you expect from us?

  • Please contact us on either number: 233 338 112 or 773 677 687
  • Make an appointment via our reception to see our rehabilitation specialist  
  • The rehabilitation specialist will see you at your appointment and explain to you the appropriate treatment plan post exmination of your issue. Treatment might be i.e. supervised exercise regime, electrotherapy...
  • You will than receive the earliest date through our receptionist to commence your therapy
  • Both, consultation or therapy location will be advised by our reception 

reha picková 

Mudr. Gabriela Pickova is one of the specialists in ORP Center. She has many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation medicine. Mudr. Pickova is an expert in evaluating and diagnosing problems/injury of musculoskeletal system, specifically the problems with spine.