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What kind of surgical treatment/operation we offer at ORP CENTRUM?

Where or orthopedic surgeons perform the surgery:

  • Arthroscipic Center at Beroun hospital 
  • Hospital at Kladno

What needs to be done prior surgical procedure:

  • Make an appointment calling our ORP Center on 773 217 738 with our orthopedic specialist Mudr. Frantisek Picek
  • At time of your appointment Mudr. Picek will assess your condition and recommend (if necessary) the surgery for you
  • The orthopedic specialist and registered nurse will then prepare plan for your surgery, explain everything about the surgery and will answer any questions you may have in regards to you upcoming surgical treatment
  • Prior your surgery you will receive plan and date of pre- surgical as well as post-surgical rehabilitation program
  • Mudr. Frantisek Picek will perform the surgery either in Kladno hospital or Arthroscopic Center at Beroun hospital

What do we offer to our patients post-surgery:

  • Consultation with rehabilitation and orthopedic specialists to answer your questions you may have about the operation you just underwent
  • Intensive rehabilitation with our physiotherapists with the review of our rehabilitation specialists. Specialist will develop the rehabilitation plan for you and the physiotherapist will go through with you. This is the most effective way where rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapist and patient are involved in direct communication together.
  • Electrotherapy
  • Own blood treatment (ACP) – biological treatment for pain of joints, tendons, muscles …
  • Motorized braces – increases cartilage healing, reducing frozen stage, helps to reduce edema, increases blood and lymphatic circulation in the soft tissues of the joints
  • Manual lymph drainage – helps with healing, stimulates the lymph flow to the skin and helps in post-surgical recovery in plastic operations, venous operations…
  • Laser treatment of scar tissue
  • Individual rehabilitation programs for each client to help with speedy recovery post-surgery