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  • HELP if you feel sudden acute pain POST ANY TRAUMA – immediate care by a team of trauma specialists, physiotherapists. Treatments such are enzyme therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy (own blood) …
  • HELP if you feel chronic pain, be it muscular, tendons/bone or joint pain (diagnostic tool for muscular pain), care by team of orthopedic/rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapist, surgery…
  • HELP if you feel pain in your legs and feet. We offer video analysis of your gait/walk, pedobarography, massages, specially made insoles Formthotics for your shoes. We not only look at your feet/legs issues but we analyze the whole body mechanics i.e. the way you walk and the wear pattern on your shoes (pronation or supination). We opened the running laboratory to analyze the way you run, we make or adjust Formthotics soles for your shoes. We will offer you exercises with physiotherapist, and if necessary we make sure you see one of our orthopedic specialists. We also offer advice and examination by team of our specialized podiatrists and podologists.
  • HELP if you have pain in your spine or neck or if suffering from headaches, we offer a review by our rehabilitation specialists, individual or group exercises run by our physiotherapist in our own exercise room, well equipped with number of specialized equipment – Vibroplate, TRX, Flowin, Propriomet.

FEES (applicable from 1. 10. 2017)

  • Treatments and procedures which are not paid by your health insurance
  • Orthopedic insoles FORMTHOTICS
  • Devices/equipment to buy or hire
  • Nutritional supplements or other products
  • Straps, braces, bandages, shoes
  • Permanent vouchers
  • Copy of any documentations provided by specialist, physiotherapist …