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ORP Services

Medical centre dedicated to diagnosing and treating locomotor system diseases and problems


ORP CENTRUM (opened since 1992) is a top professional medical centre specialising in care of patients with locomotor system complaints. Unlike other, regular medical institutions, we have a professional team of collaborating doctors and physiotherapists and offer modern diagnostic and treatment methods.

ORP CENTRUM is one of few facilities that offer orthopaedics, rehabilitation and podiatry “under one roof”. The most suitable treatment can begin as soon a diagnosis is determined by our doctors. Clients meet with a specialist for individual examinations, personalised according to the specific type of athletic or work-related stress, especially focusing on back, joint, muscle and foot complaints. The next step is complex examination by university-educated physiotherapists who set up therapeutic and rehabilitation plans for our clients.

ORP CENTRUM was the first medical establishment in the Czech Republic to introduce treatment using the patient’s own blood plasma in 2009. We have also had great success with the MFK method, which uses sophisticated computer software in medical treatment. Thanks to our long experience with surgical interventions, we can either perform surgeries ourselves or recommend other reliable establishments in Prague and the environs.

ORP CENTRUM has become a leader in podiatry through its use of computer pedobarography and video analysis of gait and posture as part of the diagnostic process. Our services also include shockwave therapy, ultrasound hip diagnostics for infants, special exercise machines, dry carbonated baths and lymphatic massage machines.

In addition to regular diagnostic and therapeutic services, ORP CENTRUM also offers special programmes tailored for different needs – corporate programmes for employees, athlete programmes, personalised rehabilitation and a professional wellness programme, masseur services and personal training plans.

In almost 20 years since its foundation, ORP CENTRUM has become a trusted partner for top athletes. Our clients are actively involved in the NHL as well as in the highest ranks of squash, golf, volleyball, basketball and athletics leagues. We also work with athletes participating in the Budapest – Bamako race.

Thanks to its many years of experience, ORP CENTRUM has become synonymous with professional, high-quality and reliable services. The company contributes to important interdisciplinary congresses, provides media statements for television and the radio and its doctors regularly publish in professional publications.