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We deal with the consequences and complications of any tramatic musculoskeletal injuries (eg. knee injuries, twisted, sprained or strained ankles, injured or dislocated shoulders, elbow injuries, injuried ligaments, tendons or muscles.)
For patients with acute pain after traumatic injury we offer: ·       A team of the top specialists in the field of orthopedics and traumatology Professional care from our elite physicians who operate in the best state and private hospitals ·       ACP – Blood Plasma Therapy A biological therapy that uses the patient’s own blood proteins (“Autologous Conditioned Plasma“) to accelerate the healing process and aid in tissue regeneration after injury or surgery. ·       Shockwave Therapy For the treatment of acute and chronic injuries of muscle and connective tissues. ·       Enzyme Therapy Supportive treatment for swelling, pain and inflammation to speed up recovery after acute injury or surgery. ·       Recommendation of appropriate supportive braces and prosthetic devices Including individual custimization of orthotic inserts for athletes and others and as an aid in post operative recovery. ·       Provision of a timely operation With expert specialists who have many years experience in private and public hospitals in Prague and Central Bohemia. ·       Physical Therapy Individual attention from the hands of experienced physiotherapists who use a number of advanced soft techniques, and traditional modern physical therapy (electrotherapy, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, laser therapy...)
Do you have pain in your neck, your mid or lower back? Do you suffer from headaches and/or migraines? Do your shoulders, elbows, hips, groin or buttocks hurt? Does your spine feel likes it’s blocked or stiff?
  For Patients with pain in their spine, back, neck or shoulders we offer: ·       Othopedic and Rehabilitation Specialists Our team is made up of 10 orthopedists and 3 rehabilitation specialists. ·       Specialized treatment techniques from our Physiotherapists Who take an individualized approach using a variety of soft techniques including chiropractic adjustments, manual lymphatic drainage, etc. ·       Physical therapy and electrotherapeutic procedures DD (Diadynamic ) Current, IF (Interferential) Current , TENS, electrostimulation, Distance electrotherapy, hot tub, magnetotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, Laser therapy, mechanical lymphatic drainage, shockwave therapy. ·       Masage Classical, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and neuro-lymphatic point stimulation, cupping, reconditioning and sports massage, hot stone massage. ·       Group and individual exercise programs The physiotherapist will teach exercises designed to progressively focus on the problematic area. Your individual program will be a “customized“ series for you to practice at home. ·       Physical Conditioning and therapeutic exercise Exercises for children with poor posture, the elderly & pregnant women & Pilates to strengthen and train the back muscles.