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Do you or your children suffer from foot pain when walking or running? Do you suffer from pain in your heels, soles or any of your weight bearing joints? 
For patients with foot pain we offer:
 ·       Examination and treatment from orthopedic specialists and physiotherapists Specialists in modern podiatric treatment, procedures and surgeries.
 ·       Pedobarography Computer analysis of the status of the feet during dynamic (walking) and static (postural) loading, using a tensometric platform.
 ·       Video analysis of walking and running Comprehensive analysis of the musculoskeletal system during dynamic activity. In the case of pain of the weight bearing joints (ankles, knees, hips, back) during sports or physical activity.
 ·       Formthotics Special dynamic thermoplastic insoles that are shaped to the specific needs of the individual.
 ·          Massage Classical, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and neuro-lymphatic point stimulation, cupping, reconditioning and sports massage, hot stone massage.  ·       Testing adult’s / children’s shoes Objective recommendations for the most appropriate brands of dress and sports shoes.