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Are you having problems with tennis or golfer’s elbow, achilles tendon, jumper‘s or runner’s knee? Do you have shoulder pain, wrist pain, groin or hip pain?
For patients with chronic pain of the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments we offer: ·       Medical Specialists in the field of orthopedics and rehabilitation Who take an intensive individual approach to clients. Our physicians have many years of specialized clinical experience that they will draw upon when working together with you. ·       Dedicated individualized care provided by physiotherapists Who prepare an intensive rehabilitation program. The program is based on the actual status of the patient and takes into account the daily difficulties they encounter, the nature of their work and physical workload and athletic activity. ·       Shock wave Therapy This method is 60-90% effective for patients who have recieved standard treatment that did not produce the desired relief. ·       Kinesiotape Decreases stress on the tendons and ligaments, reduces muscle soreness and helps to improve athletic performance. ·       Injections Corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid, and biological treatments. ·       Manual Physiotherapuetic Correction (MFK) The ultimate diagnosis of the muscular and internal system to help identify functional problems and their relations to other systems (digestive, nervous, spinal) and then correct them. ·       Blood Plasma Therapy - ACP Biological treatment that uses a patient‘s own blood (“Autologous Conditioned Plasma“) to treat pain of the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. ·       Special Soft Techniques to release increased muscular tension and eliminate the usually painful reflex changes that occur in the muscles and surrounding structures. ·       Ultrasound, Laser and electrotherapy Procedures That result in increased blood circulation and improved nutrition delivery to the tissues, release of muscular contractions, scar healing, anti-inflammation and pain relief. ·       Magnetotherapy Has an anti-inflammatory effect, dilates blood vessels, relieves muscle tension and accelerates the healing of bones and soft tissues. ·       Provision of a timely operation With expert specialists who have many years experience in private and public hospitals in Prague and Central Bohemia.