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Do you have pain in your neck, your mid or lower back? Do you suffer from headaches and/or migraines? Do your shoulders, elbows, hips, groin or buttocks hurt? Does your spine feel likes it’s blocked or stiff?
  For Patients with pain in their spine, back, neck or shoulders we offer: ·       Othopedic and Rehabilitation Specialists Our team is made up of 10 orthopedists and 3 rehabilitation specialists. ·       Specialized treatment techniques from our Physiotherapists Who take an individualized approach using a variety of soft techniques including chiropractic adjustments, manual lymphatic drainage, etc. ·       Physical therapy and electrotherapeutic procedures DD (Diadynamic ) Current, IF (Interferential) Current , TENS, electrostimulation, Distance electrotherapy, hot tub, magnetotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, Laser therapy, mechanical lymphatic drainage, shockwave therapy. ·       Masage Classical, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and neuro-lymphatic point stimulation, cupping, reconditioning and sports massage, hot stone massage. ·       Group and individual exercise programs The physiotherapist will teach exercises designed to progressively focus on the problematic area. Your individual program will be a “customized“ series for you to practice at home. ·       Physical Conditioning and therapeutic exercise Exercises for children with poor posture, the elderly & pregnant women & Pilates to strengthen and train the back muscles.